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THE C.I.T.Y. is a vibrant and boldly fresh conglomerate of artistically talented young people who bring hard work and a downright gift to take over a stage. They have mass appeal backed by music that takes the listener to a place reminiscent of the gone by days of super self-contained bands like EWF, Ohio Players and Brick. This group is high energy to the third power and have worked their musical magic in front of thousands of adoring fans. While doing so they have aptly displayed their brand as visionary songwriters, composers, entertainers and skilled musicians. This Houston based group has performed at venues such as, The House of Blues, and have also performed on stages at South By Southwest in Austin, as well as in Dallas, New Orleans and Atlanta. They've opened for George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Mint Condition and Raphael Saddiq to name a few. THE C.I.T.Y. Is: Ryan "RaShard" Knight (Lead Singer), Deric "Dero" Anderson (Lead Guitar) and D'Andre "QuickSticks" Gosey (Drummer), which are the group's founders, along with Joseph "Joe Whit" Whitfield (bass), Charles "C-Note" Thomas (Sax), Richard "King Richard" Owens (Trombone), & Jerell "BIG Keys" Robinson (keyboard) Yes, Self-Contained Soul/R&B bands are back, and THE C.I.T.Y. makes no apologies for the resurgence They are what the future holds for live music lovers as well as those that walk their own path without reservation. It says it in their name... Completely In Tune w/ Yourself.                                             

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