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Keith Reese is GVR Co-Founder and President of Content Aquisitions, Branding and Contracts for GVR Global Media. Keith is a former Drummer and was an A&R Representative for MCA Records who's job it was to seek out and sign up and coming talent in the greater Los Angeles Area. With that being said, he is well suited for the job of President of Product Development and Contracts. Keith's work as an audio engineer has been recognized twice by the RIAA in the form of Grammy Nominations for Best Engineered Album for Bass Player/Composer Stanley Clarke. In addition, Keith Reese has produced, engineered and designed many of the CD's, DVD's and other Media materials for Dr. Robert H. Schuller and Crystal Cathedral Ministries in Garden Grove, CA and many other media outlets including GVR Records. Keith's skills as a natural strategic thinker and planner are called into play daily at GVR. His keen business sense and creative insights have proved invaluable to the GVR Family of artists and to the company-at-large.



The well respected Entertainment Attorney Heather Nelson - Beverly and her Law Firm of H. Beverly Law presently represents GVR Global Media in all matters concerning contracts, litigation and legal compliance issues. A chance meeting during law school landed Heather Nelson ’96 an internship with an entertainment law firm. Hesitant at first, she “fell in love with entertainment law”. ”In 1998, she opened The Law Office of Heather Nelson, which serves artists, producers and music entertainment companies. here are a list of activities that might be part of Attorney Beverly's daily routine: Draft contracts for a client, review contracts from managers, publicists, record label, film studios and others to make sure they're legal and fair to the client and then negotiate those contracts. Maintain relationships with studios or record labels and be aware of who's influential and what deals are being made in the industry. Having strong contacts can help to get a deal done quickly, while knowledge of what's being offered elsewhere can help garner the best deal for the client. Act as general counsel for established artists, helping with marketing and merchandising deals, as well as real estate transactions and tax issues. Help artists secure the rights to use music that other artists have written, complying with copyright laws. Heather brings invaluable knowledge and expertise to the GVR.


Larry - Bear  Williams -Kimpel     Age 5


Larry Kimpel is the Co-Founder of GVR Global Media and its President/CEO. His songwriting, arranging, and production skills have proven invaluable to the label from a creative output standpoint. Larry started his musical career on piano at the tender age of five years old and from there he turned to the bass guitar as his weapon of choice. He has worked with countless Major artists such as Frankie Beverly & Maze, Anita Baker, Boney James, Rachelle Ferrelle, Alanis Morisette, George Duke and Steve Perry of Journey fame just name a few. Larry's day-to-day responsibilities at GVR include, creating business opportunities for the GVR roster of talent, creating and executing artist marketing plans, artists budgets for radio costs, video production costs, marketing costs, and traditional media etc. Larry studied Graphic Design at Chicago's Columbia College and this experience also comes into play as he is called upon weekly to design and create many of GVR's media materials including artists websites and promotional ads. Meeting all deadlines and coordinating all departmental efforts between staff members is just one of Larry's strong suits. His extensive work both on stage and behind the scenes in the field of musical entertainment give Larry a unique slant on just what a media firm needs in order to be successful in today's ultra competitive marketplace.




As Corporate Compliance Expert

for GVR Global Media, Reginald Young brings a wealth of tax expertise, business savvy and financial accounting experience to GVR RECORDS that is virtually unsurpassed in his field. America’s tax laws and regulations are amongst the most complicated in the world, and with every new piece of legislation they are getting even more complex. Thus, the demand for tax professionals who understand the intricacies of tax rules is on the rise. Companies need tax professionals to provide strategic guidance on tax planning, monitoring and compliance. Being successful in in Mr. Young's role with GVR requires a lot more than just advanced mathematical skills. Some of the traits essential for his work with the label include:

  • Attention to detail

  • Time management

  • Multitasking

  • Analytical ability

  • Communication skills (to engage and inform clients)

We are extremely happy to have Reginald Young as a part of the GVR Records Family.



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