GVR RECORDS is an independent record label based in Southern California, USA. We are dedicated to bringing the very best artists and music to the attention of the masses around the globe. The company was Founded by Larry Kimpel in 2006 as a vehicle for his own musical projects. GVR's Keith Reese was with Larry then, helping with the packaging, manufacturing and marketing aspects of each project. In late 2014, Larry Kimpel decided that it was indeed time to take GVR to the next level. Industry Veteran Jimmy Levine was brought in to help secure distribution for the label and Keith Reese was also tapped once again to come on board to do his part in making certain that GVR projects were of the very highest quality and that they were marketed properly. All three gentlemen brought a wealth of knowledge and resources to the table in their areas of expertise within the music and entertainment industry. Jimmy Levine left the company in 2015 but Larry Kimpel and Keith Reese continue to push onward and upward, securing more and more opportunities for the GVR Roster of artists to be successful.


The GVR RECORDS Mantra is: We believe that consumer comes first. Those people that love the kind of music that we produce are at the very top of our list of priorities and we offer them not just songs, but a story. Behind each and every one of our artists, lies a backstory of how they came to do what they do and why they do it. We realize that the story is sometimes even more important than the music itself, and we bring music fans that story in full, brilliant living color with every project we release. Music lovers want more than just music, they want to get personal with the artists they love because music is an extremely personal commodity and it's really all about relationships. GVR RECORDS believes in allowing the fans to get to know our artists. In this way, TOGETHER, EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE!" 


GVR RECORDS is for the artist that desires a record label deal, without the redtape and consealment that comes with some label entities. We are in the business of being fair, creative, fun, and factual. In other words, we tell it like it is around here and we don't tell artists what they want to hear just to boost their egos and our bank accounts. Our products are distributed internationally and we have been blessed with the relationships and resources to reach over 40 countries throughout the world. Our staff is passionate, caring, knowledgable and dedicated to marketing and promoting GVR's products and artists to their maximum levels of potential within the global music marketplace.



GVR Records is all about the music, the stories and the magic that they create. Find out more about these dynamic and passionate music industry veterans.


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